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Food & Design

Fast Facts

Organization: University course for further education/advanced training

Duration: 3 semesters, extra-occupational

Scope: 60 ECTS credits

Degree: Academically certified food designer

Course Leaders: »Marcello« Martin Helge Hrasko



You think that eating is more than just food? Sustainable food and organic production are important to you? You want to develop overall gastronomic concepts, design new food, new utensils, maybe even rooms or clothes for eating? Then you have come to the right place: The unique university course "Food Design" at New Design University St. Pölten will train you as a food designer in three semesters. Together we will design something new and you will become part of a global food design scene.

The course »Food Design« takes place in cooperation with the TMS - Tourismusschule St. Pölten and the WIFI NÖ.


Eating is an ordinary activity, but it has many cultural and social aspects. Any change in our eating habits affects not only our well-being and our health, but also the economy, our coexistence, the entire ecosystem - in short, our future. If you believe that Europe's supermarkets are too impersonal, the food market is too unsustainable or the food scene is too boring: As a food designer, you can change those circumstances. The job of a food designer is to reconcile food, tourism, design and sustainability. You reconsider our eating habits, our eating rituals as well as our food and you ask yourself how we can design sustainable changes and design overall concepts as a respond.

Food Design is a project-oriented course. You learn the whole procedure of food design processes and you will be trained to be critical and experimental designers. The centrepiece of each semester is a design workshop whose goal is the development of an eatable product (first semester), a dining tool or furniture (second semester) and a gastronomic and / or sustainable overall concept (third semester). In these workshops you will learn research and design methods, practice yourself in experimental design and consistent elaboration of your design ideas and present your results. When it comes to the implementation of practical projects, you can resort to the entire infrastructure of the New Design University and the Tourism School St. Pölten – kitchens included.

These design workshops are accompanied by theoretical and practical courses, which include design and cultural history, artistic representation techniques, research methods, basic gastronomy, experimental gastronomy, basics of sustainability, project management, guest lectures and excursions.


As a food designer, you break new ground: This course is unique in the entire German-speaking world, similar training exists only in Paris, Milan and Eindhoven. After the course you can enter into the tourism sector and develop overall concepts for sustainable and innovative gastronomy and hotel businesses or you conceptualize ground-breaking ideas for food producers. As a consultant, you can create revolutionary tourism or hospitality concepts for holiday regions, agricultural areas or manufacturing companies. With unusual food design events you can create a new market, set completely new trends or conquer the international scene as experimental food designers.



  • Graduates of tourism schools (professional school or vocational schools with higher education entrance qualification)
  • Graduates of schools of cabinetry, design and sustainability
  • Professionals in the fields of gastronomy and tourism
  • Product, industrial and interior designers
  • Persons with an affinity for design and food from the fields of journalism, media, marketing, PR, architecture, cultural and event management and sustainability


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