Acoustics & Design

Course Content

Basics of acoustics
Physical basics
Basic concepts of acoustics
Effect of sound on humans

Room acoustics
Sound propagation in rooms
Operation and Conducting of sound absorbers
Principles and Methods of Room Acoustic Projecting

Acoustic measurement techniques and simulation
Measured variables, measuring devices, measuring sensors
Modern analysis methods of acoustics

Sound insulation in rooms and buildings
Basics of sound insulation of components
Solutions for structural sound insulation
Sound insulation in building-related outdoor areas (courtyards, arcades, playgrounds, parks, etc.)

Sound and environment
Sound propagation outdoors
Acoustics in urban planning
Acoustics in landscape design
Noise from commercial and industrial enterprises

Acoustics and design
Acoustics and design in architecture I-II
Acoustic materials I-II
CAD & 3D Design I-II

Sound design
Acoustic product design I-II
Sound design I-II

Applied acoustics
Creation of a database of selected study objects
Best Practice: architecture and acoustics
Room acoustic solutions for specific room functions (seminar room, school class, concert hall, open space office, vehicles, etc.)

Acoustics and law
Acoustics and law
Acoustic standards
Acoustics and safety

Economics and project management
Economy I-II
Project Management I-II


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