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Acoustics & Design

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Fast Facts

Organization: University course for further education/advanced training

Duration: 2 semesters, extra-occupational

Scope: 42 ECTS credits

Degree: Academically certified acoustician

Course Leader: Mag. Helmut Kienast

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Sound affects human behaviour - both positive and negative, in private and public, indoors or outdoors. Good design - therefore one that conforms to people - has to consider the acoustic aspects right from the start: How to avoid the negative effects of sound? And how do you design rooms that acoustically meet their requirements? The required specialist knowledge is provided by the extra-occupational university course Acoustics & Design.

The fact that the construction of a concert hall requires a sophisticated acoustic concept is taken for granted. But not only music enjoyment requires careful acoustic planning: Even in seminar rooms, school classes and open space offices, the impact of the room on the sound and the sound on the human being must be considered. However, the interface between acoustics and design goes far beyond the interior design. Acoustics also plays an important role in urban and landscape planning, but also in traffic. So it is important to take note of sound characteristics in outdoor areas, for example on playgrounds, in courtyards, open-air stages etc., to provide appropriate sound insulation, but also to create pleasant, functional, human and environmentally sound spaces by acoustic design. Last but not least, sound design plays an important role in public transport as well as in the car industry.

"Acoustics & Design" is therefore much more than just soundproofing. The tasks of acoustic experts are much more complex: How can sound contribute to creating an optimal indoor or outdoor space? How can technical devices be integrated seamlessly and organically into a design, creation and architecture concept to make the interaction of sound, space and human appear as a unified whole?

You will acquire the technical knowledge and the technical skills in the extra-occupational course "Acoustics & Design" at the NDU. You study the basics of acoustics and building physics, learn the principles of functional acoustics, the interaction of design, creation and sound absorption. You will deepen your knowledge by examining a range of best practice examples, performing acoustic comparisons and analyses, and simulating optimization models. You learn the latest methods and techniques of soundproofing in indoor and outdoor areas, address the issues of the environment and sound insulation and acquire practical knowledge in the field of acoustic management (sound insulation and economy, safety and law). Advanced topics such as acoustics and innovation as well as guest lectures by well-known experts round off your education.



The course is ideally suited as an additional qualification in architecture, construction, urbanism and related fields as well as in audio engineering, audio technology etc. As an academically certified acoustician, you are involved in the conception and realization of buildings and rooms right from the start and check their functionality and ergonomics considering acoustical factors. You determine the technique, the materials and the design of acoustic elements and ensure that they comply with the legal conditions. In addition, as an independent acoustic expert, you can realize complex soundproofing and sound design projects for different clients.


  • Architects, master builders, civil engineers, building technicians
  • Professionals in the areas of urbanism, spatial planning, landscape planning
  • Professionals in the field of environmental protection and ecology
  • Sound engineers and audio technicians
  • Product designers and material designers
  • Civil engineers, measurement technicians
  • HTL graduates



Mag. Helmut Kienast: Studied journalism / communication sciences and musicology at the University of Vienna, Instrumental and Pedagogical Studies at the Vienna Conservatory as well as from 1995 to 1996 Studies at the American Institute of Music. Since 2003 owner and managing director of the agency Soundedition; Focus areas: Event design, event technology and recording studio, music productions, film music projects, compositions and audio productions. Since 2009 Kienast has been a research associate at the New Design University (Faculty of Engineering) and head of the Bachelor's degree program Event Engineering.



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