Manual & Material Culture

Fast Facts / Admission


Degree: Bachelor of Arts (BA)
Duration of course: 6 semesters
Course load: 157 hours per semester, 180 ECTS points
Language of instruction: German
Final projects: theoretical bachelor degree paper in 5th semester, practical bachelor’s project in 6th semester
Course director: Univ.-Prof. Hans Stefan Moritsch
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€ 560,- per month or € 3.310,- per semester (WS 2024/25) plus annual CPI adjustment of up to 5% (each winter semester based on the previous year's January to December, rounded to the nearest ten).

Please also note, in addition to your tuition fees it is a compulsory requirement that all students pay their student union membership fee (“OH” Fees).

additionally € 600,- extension module "Crafting" (duration: 4 semesters).
additionally € 250,- extension module "Scientific Working" (duration: 2 semesters).


Kindly supported by the D.E.S.I.G.N. Foundation


There are a number of options available to help you finance your studies at the New Design University. However, please note that most public grants require a prior three-year residence in Austria before applying. Further options are international and private scholarships and grants as well as student loans. 
For further details see Scholarships/Financing


Please note that proof of at least a B2 level in German is required for admission. We therefore strongly encourage candidates to enrol in an intensive German course prior to commencing their studies at the NDU.

For further information please contact our info line by phone or e-mail at +43 (0)2742 851 24180 or

ADMISSION Requirements

Applicants for the bachelor’s degree course in Manual & Material Culture must have completed an apprenticeship in a relevant field or have graduated from an academic or vocational secondary school (HTL or college graduates in a relevant field) or have a higher education entrance qualification.

Students without qualifications pertinent to this field must complete additional training in an accompanying extension module, with a choice between woodworking and metalworking. Students having completed an apprenticeship in a relevant field must complete an accompanying extension module enabling them to perform scientific work.

Another requirement is that applicants pass an entrance examination. The aim of this examination is to assess your manual and your artistic, creative aptitude. Applicants must present a portfolio of 15 to 20 works (drawings, models, three-dimensional works in manual craft/design or artistic projects) at this entrance examination. Sketchbooks are particularly welcomed.
There are usually three entrance examination dates to choose from (see Course registration).

Entrance exams for the year 2024/25 will be held on:

Entrance Exam #1: Sat, 27 Jan 2024
(Registration deadline: 20 Jan 2024)

Entrance exam #2: Sat, 06 June 2024
(Registration deadline: 01 June 2024)

Entrance Exam #3: Sat, 24 Aug 2024
(Registration deadline: 17 Aug 2024)


We'll be happy to advise you on the details: simply contact us by phone on +43 (0)2742 851 24180 or by e-mail at info(at) Our course directors will also be happy to provide details at a personal meeting.


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