Management by Design

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Fast Facts

Degree: Bachelor of Science (BSc)

Duration of course: 6 semesters

Structure: full-time course

Course load: 99 hours per semester, 180 ECTS points

Course Director: Univ.- Prof. Christoph H. Wecht



The world of tomorrow needs managers who grasp the essence of design. More significantly, 'design' has evolved beyond mere form-making into a sophisticated approach to tackling the complex and contradictory challenges of a globalized economy. The strategies of 'Design Thinking' equip future managers with the skills needed to navigate an increasingly unpredictable reality!

The course Management by Design , merges two worlds that initially appear separate. A redefined understanding of design plays a pivotal role, extending beyond the shaping of objects, their function, or user interaction. Design, seen as a mindset and strategy for problem-solving, offers a fresh approach to management. As a design thinker, you can bring new energy and innovation to any type of organisation.

The course

In the bachelor's course Management by Design, you gain dual expertise that exceeds the demands of today's professional landscape. On one hand, you will acquire extensive business management knowledge, with specialized focus in strategy & finance, entrepreneurship & innovation, and marketing. In the management studios, you will apply theories and tools through case studies, while deepening your understanding of business administration to grasp increasingly complex business issues and to design and implement sustainable action strategies.

In the realm of design, you learn methods that are transforming and shaping contemporary management practices. The focus is on strategic, organizational, and institutional questions and applications from a holistic perspective. Most importantly, you develop essential skills in design thinking and learn its methodologies, with particular emphasis on transformation design, service design and social design.

The course also provides a comprehensive understanding of design theory. You will learn the thoughtful and systematic development of design objects from formal and art historical perspectives, while also addressing current design challenges. These include the transformation of corporate culture, societal changes, and the evolution of communication and production forms in the digital age.

Design provides an alternative to conventional decision-making in companies. In this course, you will experimentally apply your knowledge of design thinking and business administration to specific challenges. This not only bridges the gap between organisation and design but also fosters an integrative understanding of how management can be enhanced by design practices and how design issues are inherently linked to entrepreneurial management. As a design-thinking manager you will be well-versed in design methods and strategies for addressing complex problems in the entrepreneurial realm.

NDU advantages

The innovative setting of the New Design University enables you to work on interdisciplinary and creative projects: you work in small groups with students of other fields (graphic design, interior design, event engineering…) on developing complex solutions and obtain valuable experience for your future profession. Due to the strong economical network of the NDU you can also participate in real projects in the Future Lab, which are usually implemented by the clients. Individual supervision by experts with ample practical experience ensures your creative advancement; innovative course formats and future-orientated curricula guarantee you a high-quality academic education.

Profession and career opportunities

Graduates can embark on many different careers thanks to these extensive qualifications. They have an excellent foundation for careers in management in all industries, particularly for positions in strategic management, business development and innovative management. The design expertise you acquire gives you problem-solving skills and access to creative methods that turn you into a suitable candidate in the creative areas of companies, whether in the innovative or strategic field. With their BSc degree, graduates will also have the option to embark on postgraduate master’s training.


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