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Exhibition »Bitte zu Tisch«

Crockery Museum Wilhelmsburg
Project of the semester
WS 2017
Master's course Information and Spatial Design

A new graphic appearance has been designed for the Crockery Museum Wilhelmsburg - the reduced logo, which has the appearance of stacking plates, runs through the entire corporate design of the new kitchenware archive.

In addition, a museum folder and a contemporary website were designed, on which not only information about the museum can be found, it also provides information on current workshops, the area and not least to special exhibitions. A potential special exhibition has been designed, for this a poster was designed to highlight the content of the exhibition using typographic elements - the "Bitte zu Tisch" exhibition revolves around the ubiquitous theme of table and table culture then and now. In addition to historical content, the visitor will be introduced by interactive elements to today's table behavior, such as cutlery, tablecloths or napkin folds. 


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