Graphic Design Specialism

Developing visions, communicating messages

Want to be a master of typography? Or perhaps a corporate design specialist? Design exciting packaging – or perhaps create controversial advertising campaigns? The choice is yours, studying at the NDU gives you the qualifications you need. And no matter what you go for – design is everywhere. With the right talent you can reach millions of people with your work. Or annoy them.

Graphic design: far more than zeitgeist

There’s practically nothing today that isn’t designed graphically: products, packages, magazines, posters, logos, books, websites, user interfaces, the list is endless. Graphic design plays a major role in shaping the world. The possibilities of design are as diverse as the objects we use every single day. This makes the task of designing them in an intelligent and original manner all the more exciting.

The bachelor’s degree course at the NDU gives budding graphic designers a sound basis and a wide range of creative, manual and technical skills required to be and stay successful in this sector.

The course

The first year of study gives an introduction to the main skills of analogue and digital design and creative techniques. The writing and typography workshop teaches experimental and applied typography, macro- and microtypography, calligraphy, and font design and programming. In the drawing workshop you will study perspective drawing, still life and nude drawing along with illustration techniques, while learning to use the main software packages in the electronic publication and prepress workshop.

After the first year of study, the skills you will learn in the graphic design specialism include: logo development and corporate design, poster design, publication design, and layout and illustration. You will consolidate your expertise in font design, working on conception and realisation of integrated advertising campaigns and much more.

NDU advantages: modular structure and practical relevance

The modular structure of the course enables you to acquire a host of additional skills: regardless of which specialism you opt for, the opportunities to broaden your knowledge and abilities are many and diverse. The FutureLab – a dedicated NDU platform bringing together companies and creative workers – allows you to work in interdisciplinary teams on real-life projects and to develop specific solutions which are actually put into practice by the clients. Throughout your studies, you will be supervised by international creative professionals with a wealth of practical experience, whose task it is to support your creative development.

Profession and career opportunities

The demand for good graphic designers is high. Graduates of this course are highly valued design experts and are usually very quick to find attractive jobs with agencies and design firms as well as graphic arts production companies.


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