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Event Engineering

SS 2014 Stefan Myczkowski


As a practical bachelor thesis, Event Engineering students can choose between the design of a device in the field ...

SS 2014 Simon Stempfl

Applied Event Technology & Equipment: Ipob

Design, development and implementation of a speaker which works for a certain time without an external source. ...

SS 2014 Darith Abraham, Martin Burgstaller

Applied Event Technology & Equipment: Subwoofer

Design, modeling and construction of a speaker for low-frequency sounds.

SS 2014 Wolfgang Mair, Tobias Radtke

Applied Event Technology & Equipment: Light Design

Design and modeling of outdoor lighting for a building based on the example of the new center for technology and ...

SS 2014

Stage of the Future

The only parameter for this futur project was a huge amount of creativity instead of just its technical feasibility. ...

SS 2014 Florence Stoiber

Eat & Great

Eat & Greet: taste various culinary creations, meet the chefs and talk about (gastronomic) favorite themes - all ...

SS 2014 Christoph Gruber, Georg Wachter

Back to the Future

After several brainstorming sessions we came up with that futuristic idea of an underwater concert hall for our ...

SS 2014 Bianca Stumptner, Melinda Major


Unsere Bühne ist für Arenen und Stadions gedacht, wo die Gästen auch seitlich und von oben zuschauen können. In ...

SS 2014 Stefanie Fessler

Alice im Wunderland

Wir haben lange überlegt und wollten mit unserem Bühnendesign etwas Neues, noch nie Dagewesenes kreieren. Da kam ...