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Event Engineering

Knowing what works (and how)

Audio engineering, light engineering, pyrotechnics, special effects, event management and event dramaturgy. The Event Engineering course at the New Design University features all of this and much more. The course combines technical expertise with organisational know-how and important soft skills. Event engineering is not an end in itself, but rather a key instrument with which to inspire and move people, to evoke atmospheres and emotions by means of perfectly staged events. Sound interesting? Then you’ve just taken the first step to a successful future as an event engineer. Just enrol now, then it’s lights on – and the show can begin!

They are part of our everyday culture: shows and clubs, major sporting events, innovative cultural festivals. Long gone are the days when they were important to the entertainment industry alone: the world of business and politics take advantage of the event principle in many different spheres so as to reach their particular audience – voters, consumers or clients. The conventional wisdom today is that if you want to inspire people, you’ve got to have events – events staged in a creative, unusual and stimulating way and which are, no less importantly, staged with technical and dramaturgical perfection. There is therefore an increasing demand for well-trained event engineers with a command of complex event engineering and a profound knowledge of event management and marketing.

The course

The bachelor’s degree course in “Event Engineering” at the NDU is a unique course of university studies anywhere in Europe. The course teaches the skills required to handle the technical aspects of an event along with end-to-end organisational expertise: from conception and planning to realisation and budget monitoring. Core subjects are event dramaturgy and event engineering (audio, video, event and light engineering, set construction, special effects, pyrotechnics, etc.), business and law (e.g. financing, business management, and other subjects), but also essential soft skills such as negotiation and marketing, conflict resolution, crisis management, and self-marketing. The course concludes with a practical bachelor’s project combined with a theoretical research paper.

NDU advantages: practice and theory

Theory is important, but is does not make a successful event manager on its own. In practice, however, the name of the game is to keep your finger on the pulse: the event industry is fast-moving, and today’s technical know-how may already be outdated tomorrow. Study at the NDU caters for this, teaching an ideal balance of practice and theory tailored to the special requirements of the job profile and the needs of the industry. The knowledge taught is always at the leading edge, as is the technical equipment used at the university. And the training is always hands-on: whether it’s practice or theory, the skills and knowledge you acquire at the NDU will always stand you in good stead in your daily work – both the soft skills and the technical hard facts.

Profession and career opportunities

Event management is a many-sided job, involving a high level of flexibility, creativity and communication. Your daily routine is not routine. In your position as the central pillar of a successful event, you review specifications given by clients and artists with regard to their feasibility and draw up a concept for implementation. Together with the artistic and commercial decision-makers, you coordinate experts and suppliers (light, audio and video equipment, pyrotechnics, catering, etc.), draw up event plans and safety concepts, take care of official procedures, control resources and budgets, and supervise the technical team.

As an academically trained event engineer, you will impress clients with your excellent knowledge of cutting-edge event technologies and your expertise in event marketing and event safety. Your unique profile makes you a highly valued specialist for advertising and event agencies, for the culture and sports industry, and for conference centres, authorities and organisers.


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