Postindustrial Design with Plaast

Semester projects
WS 2014/15


In the winter semester of 2014/15, the students in the second year of the bachelor's course "Manual & Material Culture" dealt with the topic of postindustrial design and Do-It-Yourself. The material for their semester projects had been defined in advance: Plaast, a new polymer which melts at around 60 degrees Celsius.

Plaast can be immersed in hot water, warmed by a hair dryer, in a microwave or a conventional oven. As soon as it has reached a certain temperature, it can be easily formed; when it cools off, it retains its form and can be worked further. Therefore, it is simply ideal for different DIY uses. A workshop or elaborate tools are simply not necessary.

In their projects, the students responded to the characteristics of the material and created different, highly original solutions - ranging from a formable ballpoint pen, adapting to the writer's hand, over connecting elements for modular woodstaff furniture, up to an installation which portrays the qualities of Plaast in the form of three-dimensional lettering.


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