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WS 2016/2017 MA Raum- und Informationsdesign

Projektmagazin »Shopping 2030«

Das Projekt Shopping 2030 stellt die Frage, welche Rolle stationäre Retail Spaces angesichts der wachsenden online-Konkurrenz ...

SS 2015 BA Manual & Material Culture

Un-Folding. Adaptable Furniture for GEA

In cooperation with the furniture and shoe manufacturer GEA (Waldviertler Werkstätten) students of the bachelor's ...

WS 2014/2015 BA Manual & Material Culture

Postindustrial Design with Plaast

In the winter semester of 2014/15, the students in the second year of the bachelor's course "Manual & Material ...

WS 2014/2015 BA Interior Design & 3D Design

Body and Space

Main focus of the three-day photography workshops during the 1st semester was to be aware of the visual perception ...

SS 2014 BA Interior Design & 3D Design Claudia Wiesmeier

Urban Catalyst. Art as an engine of urban processes

Located in the heart of the city the Domplatz in St. Pölten offers due to its structural location great potential ...

SS 2014 BA Interior Design & 3D Design Carina Konwiczka

The Glasshouse. Grow. Harvest. Eat

The aim of this thesis was to find a new and elaborate use for the abandoned site of the old Remise. Even though ...

SS 2014 BA Interior Design & 3D Design Florian Teichmeister

Sankt Pölten Congress NÖGKK House

In his thesis Florian Teichtmeister had a critical look an the reuse of the old NÖGKK building. In consultation ...

SS 2014 BA Graphic & Information Design Theresa Grassinger

Book Design

The task was to research about the work of a graphic designer and finally design and bind a reflective book on ...

SS 2014 Future Lab

Exhibition "Menschen mit Ideen"

The touring exhibition of the association Machinery & Metalware Industry Lower Austria - from 24.10. until 13.12. ...