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    Study at the NDU Think outside the box! Quick and easy: the next steps to studying at the NDU More
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    Bachelor's course Management by Design The future won't wait. Define it. More
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    Master's course Information & Spatial Design The future won't wait. Change it. More
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    Bachelor's course Interior Design & 3D Design The future won't wait. Form it. More
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    Bachelor's course Event Engineering The future won't wait. Enact it. More
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    Bachelor's course Manual & Material Culture The future won't wait. Produce it. More
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    Bachelor's course Information Design The future won't wait. Design it. More

    Studying at the New Design University

    The New Design University St. Pölten (NDU) was founded by the Lower Austrian Chamber of Commerce and its business development institute (WIFI) in 2004. As an international, real-life site of high-end education in design, technology and business, the NDU trains creative thinkers who advance social change and explore tomorrow’s processes of work and design today.

    • Future Lab / BA Graphic & Information Design
      Labels for the Life Ball Wine 2016
    • MA Information & Spatial Design
      KaleidosClone 2016
    • BA Manual & Material Culture
    • BA Graphic & Information Design
      Theatre posters
    • BA Manual & Material Culture:
      Postindustrial Design
    • Future Lab / BA Interior Design & 3D Design
      Revitalisation of Böheimkirchen
    • Event Engineering
      Mobile music box "Ipob"
    Project gallery